Education Programs

In the Greater Houston area, 79% of Houston Independent School District children are economically disadvantaged, and only 53% have had any exposure to music in school. Regular access to the arts improves students’ concentration and motivation and contributes to higher academic achievement. But providing access to cultural programs, arts training and equipment is a challenge for many schools. Musiqa strives to fill this gap through its award-winning education programs.

Over the past 13 years, we have reached over 55,000 school children in grades 2 through 12, from 240 different schools across eight area school systems in the Greater Houston area and provided them with over 130 concerts and 400 workshops. For many of these children, their experience with Musiqa marks their first exposure to a professional musical performance in a concert hall setting. 

Musiqa’s education programs:


a lifelong interest in the arts


creative and analytical thinking


self-esteem for future success


global citizens for the 21st century

The Discovery Series at the Hobby Center


Around the World with Musiqa

Modern arrangements of folk songs in multiple languages teach students musical concepts and how to recognize common themes in music from different cultures. Students learn how modern composers make folk songs come alive in personal, imaginative ways. As the children hear and sing songs in different languages, they gain an appreciation of music from diverse cultures.

Musiqa ReMix

These performances take students inside pieces of music to explore rhythm, meter, harmony, orchestration, counterpoint and other key concepts. Students are engaged through a combination of live music, theater and animated graphics. ReMix is interdisciplinary, with introductions to the visual arts and mathematical concepts, bringing music to life.

Adventures in Music!

With these in-school residencies, students hear new sounds in programs that are both exciting and educational. Colorful tales and varied musical ensembles make the stories leap off the page. Students don’t just passively listen, but are encouraged to touch and experience music —thinking, dreaming, seeing, and hearing in new ways.

Musiqa’s programs are highly interactive: our Resident Artist visits each participating school for an in-school workshop. We also provide CDs to every classroom, as well as supplemental lesson plans and a study guide, which are tied to the Texas state educational standards.

Bus Transportation

The Discovery Series programs are free to participating schools, including bus transportation to and from The Hobby Center.


  • $17,000 of $30,000 raised


$25       »  Sends a student to a concert
$50       »  Provides CD and pedagogical material to a teacher
$100     »  Sends 10 students to a concert
$250     »  Funds a in-school workshop
$500     »  Sends an entire class to a concert
$1,000  »  Underwrites musicians for one show