Musiqa recently joined forces with Apollo Chamber Players and Jazz Forever, Friday, September 8, to host a Harvey Relief Concert at the MATCH. The diverse program of American folk music, contemporary classical music, and jazz raised over $8,000 to be disbursed to the Mayor’s Harvey Relief Fund and Catholic Charities. The evening included the world premiere of composer Mark Buller’s “Elergy” movement from his work titled “Erasure.” The piece was originally written in response to shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Soon after the storm waters began to recede, Matt Detrick, violinist and artistic director of Apollo Chamber Players brainstormed ways the local arts community could support relief efforts.

“You know, there’s been some groups that have gone to play at shelters and that’s wonderful — I think that’s a great way to connect with people — but we decided to invest more of our time in a benefit concert,” Detrick said.

“You know, obviously the recovery efforts will be focused on rebuilding homes and property — all these physical aspects — but art and music can help the city recover spiritually.”

View the entire concert below.